Friday, March 7, 2008

iron-on (hot fix) rhinestone design

How to apply Rhinestone Design all on Fabric,Scart,Shirt and Jeans

1) Remove the 'protection sheet" on the back Rhine Stone Desin Sticker.
2) Place the RhineStone design together with the transparent sticker on the fabric material.
3) Place a sheet of plain paper or thin cotton fabric over the RhineStone Design sticker
4) Adjust the temperature according to fabric material and press iron over it for 10 – 20 second
5) Repeatedly press iron over it 2 to 3 times and check that heat from the irons well-transferred to the design and the fabric (scarf, t-shirt, jeans)
6) Finally, remove the transparent sticker carefully from the design
7) You would have own very beautiful RhineStone design, Congratulation!!!

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